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Pictures For Your Home Or Business

A good photograph should capture the scene along with the ‘feel’ of the place and then need little editing: cropping and rebalancing of colour and contrast should be sufficient. People tell me that they love my books because they communicate the atmosphere of the locations and make the viewer feel what it was like when they were there, or to want to visit them.

Any image can be produced as a mounted, framed or block print, or as a canvas. The size can depend upon your requirements, to fit the space.

Amazing Wildlife from Costa Rica

I had a 2 week holiday in Costa Rica in March, which was nowhere near enough, but managed to photograph over 100 species of animal: and they are so spectacular! Have a look at my gallery below.

Photograph Your Party, Event or Family

My goal is to capture the mood and the best moments of your party or event with informal portraits of the people that will give pleasure now, and for many years to come.

Here are some extracts from customer reviews:

“Flexible and creative; just what you want from a photographer… Recommended” (Chris from Aylesbiury)

“Photos were prompt, easily available and superb.” (Julie from Aston Clinton)

“We never even knew he was there, as he was so discreet taking the photos; almost invisible.  The resulting photos are a delight.  “Laraine from Mill Hill)


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