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Having published the photo-books, Chiltern Landscapes and An English Village Idyll, Doug has publishing deals with Oxbow Books to produce photo-books on the North Downs, Norfolk and Yorkshire for publication in 2015-2016. He has always roamed up and down Britain taking photographs on the way but is now doing so with a real focus, to capture the particular beauty and character of landscapes in each area. The images shown here have mostly been taking in the past couple of years, but some go back as much as ten years.
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The Chiltern Hills are to the north-west of London, running from Caversham on the River Thames in the south to Hitchin in the north.
These chalk hills support a particular calcium-loving flower-rich grassland in long sweeping valleys. Although much of the land is farmed, there is a lot left to forest, where Beech trees predominate. Beechwoods in springtime are a luminous pale green on grey, with bluebells carpeting the ground: in the autumn, they are a vibrant golden yellow.

Doug’s photographs capture the spirit and beauty of these lovely hills.

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