Energy company EDF have announced that Friday July 10th is Green Britain Day. Others, including some energy companies, have denounced this as GREENWASH, that is marketing under the ‘green’ banner with no intention of backing it up with appropriate action. Tim Smit (CEO of The Eden Project) says that it has value, that it is about “small cultural changes that people are happy to make, but that collectively make a big difference.” Such as, if everyone turned their computer off for a day, it would save millions of tons of CO2.

Whether it is valid ‘Day’ or not, the key word is CULTURAL. We all want life to go on as it is, and to only get better. The problem is that ‘better’ usually translates into more consumption and more travel; at least that is the case since the war… well, actually since the industrial revolution. The environmental problems that are likely to spoil the future are in our minds and in our faces. Last evening, I was at a meeting of Support Aylesbury Vale Environment, came home to a TV programme about how Britain is well behind the curve on the environment, followed by a 10pm News item on The Age Of Stupid, followed at 10:30 by the Dimbleby lecture which was Prince Charles talking about the challenge of the future. In ALL of these the same question was asked:

What will make the human race take on the environmental challenges that face us?

It is a question of BELIEF which is sufficient to lead to a change of behaviour. We (most of us anyway) believe that something needs to be done, so instead of being cynical about ‘Green Britain Day’, why not make a start? Treat Friday July 10th as Tim Smit suggests and make a difference.

And here’s a thought for you that still amazes me –How many miles do you have to do in your car to emit 1 kilogramme of CO2?

I get 50 mpg in mine, so that equals about 140 grammes per kilometre, or 1 kilogramme per 6 miles.

  1. Thank you , for being brave enough to start the ball rolling. Change is happening, and the age of clever is dawning!

  2. Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eralier!

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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