You may find the charts on this link interesting:

China is criticsing the USA for it’s debt situation following the down-grading in it’s rating. They point out the disproportionate amount of money the US pours into it’s military might – per head of population, it is simple madness.

The UK is not far behind – why DID we go into Iraq/Afghanistan/Libya? Why are we proposing to spend billions on a Trident replacement?

And then why are we, that is, our Government, so keen on nuclear power and reprocessing after Fukushima and when we are shutting down the reprocessing facility at Sellafield as it has been a big financial failure – billions down the pan. This project was set up under Thatcher and strongly opposed by Greenpeace and others, but who listens?

It is all madness, and my view is that some of the anger that exploded this weekend is the first outburst of many prompted by the growing inequalities in society and the total lack of accountability by those in power for squandering our country’s wealth. This chart brings another, very powerful, perspective on the matter and shows that we simply should not be spending vast amounts in this way.

And talking of grandiose projects, don’t get me started on HS2!