The Spirit Of Australia Choir is singing tonight (July 27th) in St Nicholas Church, Cuddington and tomorrow night in St Mary’s Long Crendon. They are performing a lovely programme of music, much of it from opera ad almost all of it is by European composers.

So I introduced myself and mentioned that I lived in Australia for several years and know a lot of the traditional shearing and droving songs and so on, and also that I wrote some songs about Australia. They kindly asked me to perform one, so I sang Bush Night to them and they joined in, and are adding it to their programme tonight! I’ve never sung it with a choir before – sounds great!

Here’s the words:

Bush Night by Doug Kennedy

Eb Bb
The smoke curls up around the old gum tree-trunk
Eb Cm Fm Ab7
Silver moon makes the wet leaves glisten,
Eb Bb
The fire buns brightly while we sit round and listen
Ab7 Eb
To the sounds of a cool bush night.

We drove through the rain to reach our Flinders campsite
The clouds sat on the mountain tops and creeks were running;
The land looked green and the birds were singing,
And we camped by a wooded creek.

The clouds were clearing and a full moon rising
Pine trees outlined ‘gainst a starry sky.
The ground shone ghostlly and a bat flew over;
There was peace on that shiny bush night.

Guitar played softly whle we drank our coffee
The flames rose up from the hot red cinders;
We talked of the outback and we sang of the Flinders
There was beauty on that old bush night.

Repeat verse 1.

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  1. Thanks Doug, it felt good to harmonise with your Bush Night, and think of the beautiful Australian outback. We enjoyed your company as well as the warm response from Cuddington and Long Crendon audiences.
    Hope to see you back in Australia sometime.