Tan Hill Summit

The text and over 120 image files are now with my editor at Oxbow Books and work has started to get the book designed and ready for the printers.

Yorkshire is a fabulous county for photographers: taken as a whole (it is split into several administrative counties) it is by far the biggest in England and contains much of the Pennine Hills, the North Yorkshire Moors and the Wolds. It is full of historic towns and, as it was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, lots of industrial heritage. Yorkshire has a varied and lovely sea coast, rivers, marshes, gentle hills and wild moors, peaceful farms and spectacular limestone karst.

Of course, the weather can be challenging, but you get plenty of interest and variety in the sky with the weather sometimes changing dramatically from hour to hour.

I have completed the image selection and arrangement and largely written the text, which will be similar in tone to Norfolk Landscapes, describing why the land looks the way it does and some of the history.

Yorkshire Landscapes will be published by Oxbow Books later this year and will be a hardback containing 120 pages in an A4 landscape format. I believe that it is my most beautiful book yet, with some amazing images. The one on the left is likely to be the cover and was taken in the far north-west corner of Yorkshire, in the Pennines.

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