I’m amazed to find that nearly a year has passed since my last bulletin, which is not what I intended, but I have been spending most of my ‘spare’ moments working on my forthcoming book, ‘Pennine Wildlife Habitats’. This is a major project and one that is very difficult to keep within realistic bounds as the topic is enormous. It was inspired by meeting Dr Tim Melling who lives in the Pennines and is a brilliant naturalist and wildlife photographer with an encyclopaedic knowledge of biology. Tim is co-author and supplies most of the photographs along with text that is informed by his lifelong study and exploration of the Pennines. I am creating the book, which turns out to be fascinating, but very time-consuming with a lot of research required! We want the result to be very beautiful, but also to inspire people to look at the moors, woods and dales in a new way, with a better understanding of nature in the Pennines. The book will be published by Merlin Unwin Books Ltd. in 2019.

When not writing, I have been continuing to add to my library of landscape and wildlife images, notably a lovely shot of a fledgling tawny owl (above), some spoonbills (rare visitors to the UK) at Lymington and some gorgeous images of butterflies, sunflowers and scenery taken during our two excursions through France this summer.  I have added some the best images to my web site galleries and would love to receive some orders for prints – I can produce them in almost any size or configuration.

In spite of my lack of marketing over recent months, my landscapes are attracting some attention and are being used on a number of environmental web sites, posters and brochures. They are also on the wall of an excellent Indian restaurant called Coco Tamarind at Askett, on the edge of the Chilterns: this was unexpected, but they loved my photos and have them on display to sell along with another local artist.

I’ve been busy with photo-shoots and found myself covering some very colourful and joyful gatherings. There was a wonderful fancy-dress hoe-down (sample pic above) and in Bicester, of all places, a wedding anniversary held by francophone Africans! I thoroughly enjoyed all these events and the clients were delighted with the colourful images, adding to my growing collection of 5-star reviews. If you have a party or memorable event coming up, just call or email for a quote.

have produced a series of beautiful greetings cards which can be viewed on my web site at http://www.doug-kennedy.com/product/greetings-cards/. These are very good value compared to shop prices.

Finally, with advances in technology the price of high quality printing has come down in recent months and the quality is very high. I produce bespoke prints of my images for clients to fit the size and exact requirements that they specify.

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