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Incentives for going green?

Ed Miliband has been on the media quite a lot, treading a tight rope in justifying a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth whilst assuring us that the UK Government wanted to be in the forfront of green energy generation. Apparently it has been decided that there will be a new pricing structure for electricity that provides incentives for MICROGENERATION – that is, you own some photovoltaic cells or a wind turbine and sell some energy back to the National Grid. The thing that has been

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Green Britain Day…?

Energy company EDF have announced that Friday July 10th is Green Britain Day. Others, including some energy companies, have denounced this as GREENWASH, that is marketing under the ‘green’ banner with no intention of backing it up with appropriate action. Tim Smit (CEO of The Eden Project) says that it has value, that it is about “small cultural changes that people are happy to make, but that collectively make a big difference.” Such as, if everyone turned their computer off for a day, it would save

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Just how stupid are we?

It is now 9 months since I presented the idea of ‘Carbon-Neutral Cuddington’ to the Cuddington Parish Council and, I’m afraid to say, I have little progress to report. There was a flurry of interest and activity when the village was in the running for the national village of the year competition, but since then we have aborted a group meeting and participation has been minimal. It seems that throughout the UK, with certain noble exceptions, ‘The Environment’ is seen as a bore. People do a

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Hello world!

it is June 16th 2009. I have set up an initial version of this web site using some new technology, and am now working out how to use it. It is very sophisticated, and I’m told it’s a lot easier than creating web pages from scratch – I used to use Dreamweaver – but you need to understand the logic and the tricks. And there is quite a lot of reading to fit in as well if I’m going to do it properly. So it will

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