Exploring Norfolk, Days 2 and 3

The sky was very blue and the air clear on Wednesday morning, which was perfect conditions for taking photographs of Norfolk’s wide open skies and flat fens. My packing didn’t take long, and it’s worth noting here that I do not carry your standard hiker’s kit. I was using my medium-sized rucksack that I used to walk from Lands End to John O’Groats, which is still serviceable, though it has a lot of modifications as I was carrying a guitar and camping gear at the time.

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Work starts on another book – Norfolk (or East Anglia) – Day 1

My publisher, Oxbow Books, has signed me up to produce another book for them for publication in 2016. They have asked me to start work on Norfolk, or possibly East Anglia, on the grounds that it’s a lovely part of the World, they have a lot of customers there, and loads of people decamp to Norfolk for their holidays. As I don’t know the area at all well, it will be a real adventure, discovering the beauty and secrets of the east of England, and seeking

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North Downs Landscapes – Putting it all together for publication!

Having signed a publishing contract with Oxbow Books, I now have the pleasant task of actually producing the book content before the autumn deadline. I have started assembling images into a book of 90-odd pages, which I do using the BonusPrint software for producing photo books. This is a very exciting stage, as you see things start to come together into another beautiful publication, and it is also interesting finding out which images I end up selecting. The publisher wants more text than in Chiltern Landscapes

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North Downs Exploration 11 – Old Rocks and A Brimstone

[singlepic id=665 w=450 h=600 float=middle] North Downs Landscapes was planned for publication this autumn, but because I haven’t got any good winter photographs after our soggy year, I have held off. Now it seems that Oxbow Books will be publishing the book rather than myself, I need to start putting it together and writing the text; and the publisher wants more text than is in my current books. I also feel that I need to attain a standard that is at least as high as my

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Oxbow Books to Publish Doug’s New Titles!

I went to the London Book Fair this year to learn more about the business, sort out my distribution problems and meet some publishers to gauge interest in my work and the potential for a larger company taking on my work. The Fair was extremely busy and great fun, with thousands of meetings taking place and loads of intriguing people rushing about with interests in a huge range of things from signing big publishing or distribution deals to e-books and other new internet technologies, to finding

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North Downs Exploration 10 – Two Surrey Stately Homes

[singlepic id=592 w=300 h=400 float=middle] A brilliant Sunday morning with a clear blue sky and a little mist in the air got me out of bed at 7am, and I was soon on my way and arrived at the empty Polesdon Lacey car park around 8.15. There was almost no-one there and everything was closed up, though activity was starting. I entered the grounds and was immediately presented with a superb scene of the drive leading to the house on the right, lit by the early

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Exhibition at Bucks Open Studios

[singlepic id=567 w=300 h=400 float=middle] Doug has joined the Visual Images Group and will have an exhibition as part of Bucks Open Studios this summer at The High Wycombe Museum from June 16th to June 22nd 2014. He will be showing framed and mounted photographic prints, books and greetings cards. There are four artists showing at this location, along with the normal museum so it should be an interesting place to visit. Bucks Open Studios has a website where all of the exhibitors are listed at

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North Downs Exploration 9 – Wine and a Psychedelic Mushroom

[singlepic id=527 w=320 h=240 float=left] Tuesday was the only day in this week of a mild October when the weather forecast was good, so I cleared the diary and drove southward under grey skies, negotiating some deep puddles. An hour later, there was intermittent sun as I parked at Burford Bridge, near Dorking. Here, beneath Box Hill, are the stepping stones over the River Mole, which are now 17 concrete steps at regular intervals across the stream that have gained some local notoriety. They form a

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North Downs Exploration 8 – A Skim Through East Kent

[singlepic id=515 w=320 h=240 float=left] 27th Sept 2013 – It was grey and foggy in Cuddington, but the weather forecast was good with lots of sunshine in the East as the mist was burned off. East Kent is a 2-hour drive from here if you don’t get traffic, which is why I went by train last time, but I wanted to get a feel for the Downs in between Canterbury and the River Stour (in Kent) through a general visit covering a lot of countryside, so

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Another pollution incident on our river: who’s to blame and who cares?

[singlepic id=557 w=400 h=300 float=middle] To the passer-by, the River Thame is a gentle reed-bordered stream meandering through a peaceful countryside. It is particularly lovely as it passes through our area, from Thame to Eyethrope; a beauty that is readily enjoyed on the circular walk between Cuddington and Nether Winchendon. But all is not as well as it seems. The River is subject to occasional pollution from agriculture or the sewage treatment works at Aylesbury, and as it is a small river passing through highly developed

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