We love our planet to death!  We can’t help having an impact on the environment, but in our modern Western World, it has become too large. Our ‘Environmental Footprint’, is comprised of the sum of our energy consumption, waste production and effect on the countryside and wildlife and this is something which is within our power to control.

Over the years Doug has drastically reduced energy use in the homes he has lived in, which has saved him a lot of money and seems to be only common sense. He can help you find ways to manage your environmental footprint, or simply energy use in your home.

He is currently working with others in the village of Cuddington and the community of Aylesbury Vale where he lives to build a long-term project to enhance reduce the overall village environmental footprint. Earlier this year we took thermal images of houses around the village – 20 houses were covered and the results were a great help to the owners and were presented at a recent very succesful seminar.

Our current project is Greening Cuddington which we are doing as part of the national Greening Campaign (http://www.greening-campaign.co.uk/). This helps everyone to take control of their individual impact and make a difference through easy actions at home which are tackled as a community. The idea is that if we all do it, the overall CO2 savings will be very large.

We have started building support through publicity in the local press and a public meeting at which we secured political support from our parish and district councils. This photograph was taken at the village fete on July 10th when Doug and his supporters, Jessica and Caroline, dressed up for the parade, who’s theme was King Arthur and his knights. We manned a stand, supported by AVDC, aimed at further building awareness of what we are doing.

The first phase will be launched at an event in September – look out for updates.

Doug Kennedy can help you with advice and guidance on your current environmental footprint and energy use, and how you can transform it so you can feel good about being green, make your home more comfortable and SAVE BUCKETLOADS OF MONEY in energy bills.