Two otherwise sane men (myself and John Drinkwater) decided to walk from Lands End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) by the scenic route to celebrate our 60 birthdays. We set off on the morning of April 5th 2009, which was my birthday, and arrived 51 days later at John O’Groats, averaging 20 miles a day: a total of 1,o25 miles.
We raised money for Precious Lives, a Cornish charity to build a hospice for sick children in the county, by the normal means (friends, just giving etc), but in addition, I carried some unusual kit to broaden the scope. This included a guitar strapped to my pack on which I played music at stops on the way, a notepad computer to write a daily blog (see and an iphone to tweet along the way.
As a result, we raised over £12,500 from our generous friends and blog readers around the World, and from John’s ex-employer, Xerox.