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Bert Jansch

Bert Jansch

The Songs and Guitar Solos of Bert Jansch


One of the pioneers of British contemporary folk guitar, Bert was a founder member of the folk-rock group “Pentangle” and is still perfoming internationally.

The music ranges from straight blues, and his own songs through Bert’s distinctive arrangements of traditional songs, to some gentle lyrical instrumentals verging on the baroque style. Biographical information, photographs and a discography.

Includes “Blackwaterside”, “Reynardine”, “Love is Lost”, “I Am Lonely”, “Walking (12-bar blues)” Needle Of Death”; “The First Time”; “Moonshine”; “St Fiacre”; “M’Lady Nancy”; “Is It Real?”, “One For Jo”, “The Curragh Of Kildare”, “Bridge”.  40 pages.

Price: £7.50 in PDF format.

This book is out or print, but a facsimile copy of the entire book or individual transcriptions is available on application to

Please note that The Bert Jansch Foundation ( is working on producing a new edition of Bert’s music.

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