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Wildlife of the Pennine Hills

Wildlife of the Pennine Hills

This is Doug’s biggest book project to date, written in collaboration with amazing wildlife photographer and naturalist, Dr Tim Melling and published by Merlin Unwin Books.

Have you ever wondered why a particular bird is found on a particular moor or mountain range or valley? Why a certain plant grows where it does, and nowhere else? The Pennines are a range of magnificent hills which form the spine of England, creating a watershed from which rivers run east and west through a series of upland heaths, moorlands, blanket bogs, woodlands and limestone pavements.

Author Doug Kennedy takes you on a journey through all of the Pennines fascinating eco-systems, explaining why the geology and landscape has affected the plants which can survive there, and therefore the animals, birds and insects which thrive or survive in the differing habitats.

Ramblers, birdwatchers and day-trippers will be given an insight, through informative photographs and words, about what they are likely to encounter in the different areas of the Pennines – and why.